Amazing. All statistics can be done with free software - easily downloaded if you know where to get what. You don't get all statistical procedures in any single free program. You've to install a few programs to suit your own needs.

A word about freeware: What's dished out by Search Engines, as freeware is not always really free, there's usually a catch somewhere. So, tested lists like mine are useful. Remember also what's free today may not be so tomorrow. Such is life!

The download links tell you all about the programs.

EpiInfo is a huge program designed for epidemiologists; has most statistical subroutines. With Epi Info, "epidemiologists, public health and medical professionals and statisticians can rapidly develop a questionnaire or form, customize the data entry process, and enter and analyze data. All statistics, tables, graphs, and maps are produced with simple commands". That's what it promises.

OpenStat is small in size, a very nice and comprehensive package. Has practically everything statisticians look for in a program for everyday use. Recommended especially for irregular stat users.

SSP Smith's Statistical Package is a very user-friendly statistics program. If you're calculating means, variances, correlations and working out routine regressions.
Instat is another big program. Has just about everything. Write to them if it's missing this or that.

Win-Idams is freely distributed by the UNESCO. Truly free and serves many purposes, like everything the UN does for underdeveloped souls.

GragProg A nice program for all manner of X-Y graphing, comes with a a calculator as a bonus.

Graph is a similar, even better program

MEX Math expression calculator. Handy for numerical calculations involving common functions such as powers of x, exp(.), log(.) and the trigonometric ones as well.

StatCalc gives probabilities for several continuous and discrete distributions; useful as well for getting inverses for given probabilities. Get this, and never look up again those tattered books in the library for significance tests.

StaTable is another program that gives you all the percentage points, and more. A different format, but a very good one.

Deadline is a wonderful tool for solving algebraic equations, graphing and evaluating them. Most impressive. Say 'Ah', after looking at some pictures of equations you like best. But you must set the 'range', the focus and scope, so to speak.

Convert is an easy to use unit conversion program that will " convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions.

Here's a website with many more links Free Stat Software

And here are download links to some of the Best Free Utilities.