Welcome to my cabin.

I am a retired Professor, enjoying my time mostly reading. But, I still enjoy interacting with young aspiring researchers and try to be of help to the extent their problems interest me. The purpose of this site is to be accessible to such young people, if they would care to interact with me. Also, this is one way of keeping in touch with my professional colleagues. On the whole, I hope to have some fun with statistics through this medium.

Those who do not know me, here is some personal information:

Educated in mathematics and statistics, and acquiring along the way some knowledge in economics and politics, I held academic positions in institutions that include: the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta; the Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum; the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta and the Centre for Economic and Social Studies, Hyderabad. Before finally retiring ( ha! ha!) in 1998, I headed the Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science Studies, Trivandrum, during its initial stages. My publications on the Indian economy are mostly about food and population. I did bits and pieces on probability distributions as well.